a weather forecast app designed just for photographers

Fotocast is revolutionary and powerful real-time hyperlocal weather forecast app tailored for professional photographers. Fotocast has weather info like any other high-rated weather forecast app, but is custom made for photography with many additional photography weather tools you won't find in any other app.

full list of features:

Real-time minutely hyperlocal precipitation
Never get your camera wet again. See precipitation information minute by minute, configure alerts when rain is starting, and more! Note: Minutely forecasts are only supported in USA, United Kingdom, and some of Canada.

Photography suggestions based on weather conditions
See helpful photography tips and suggestions that automatically change based on weather conditions and the type of photographer that you are, as well as tips for future weather conditions.

Animated radar maps with FuturePath™
Track the path of precipitation around you with animated radar. We take it a step further with FuturePath™ technology, which estimates the path and amount of precipitation based on hyperlocal forecasts. Fotocast also includes many other weather maps for any type of weather condition!

Photography session manager
Program your future photography sessions (with multiple locations per session) into Fotocast and get alerted when weather changes there. Never again wonder if you and your clients will get wet at that park you are shooting at in 1 week!

Sunrise & Sunset quality scores
Based on the technology in our SkyCandy app, Fotocast can tell you if the Sunrise or Sunset is likely to be colorful & beautiful based on weather conditions that have been known to affect the quality of the sky at that magical hour.

Alerts, notifications & customizations
Fotocast lets you configure more types of weather alerts for any location than any other app. Want to know if the wind speed is going to be low at your favorite pond or lake so you can get some nice reflection shots on the water? Fotocast has you covered. Want to know if it's going to be foggy so you can take some creatively killer shots? Fotocast does that too! The interface of Fotocast is fully customizable, as well. Pick any color you want to use as a theme, hide weather conditions that aren't important to you, change font style and more!

Almanac (historic weather)
It's theorized that weather patterns often repeat themselves on the same day each year. With Fotocast's built in Almanac, you can research what the weather conditions were on any day for many years in the past. Take it a step further than any other weather almanac by automatically analyzing weather conditions on that day for the past 50 years, and produce an average weather condition!

Sunny 16 rule indicator
Automatically changing Sunny 16 rule indicator based on current weather condition.

Sun direction tool
Plan your outdoor photography sessions by knowing which direction the Sun will be in at any time, on any date, at any location!

Light pollution map
With a Light Pollution Map, night time photogs can see and photograph the milky way, as it was meant to be!

And a whole lot more!
There's many more features and tools we can't fit in a 4000-character limit. Get Fotocast today, and see what you've been missing!

Not all features listed above available in free version. Some features require a monthly premium subscription of $4.99 USD. That's about the price of one large flavored coffee per month and totally worth it.

APIs used:
Dark Sky API
Aeris Weather API
Sunburst API by SunsetWx API


app screenshots:

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note: all screenshots and video show android version. ios version may look slightly different.