all the useful data you need to hunt the aurora

four useful graphs to plan your next aurora tour

live aurora webcams from around the world

live charts for the hardcore aurora hunter

find the best viewing with a light pollution map

live cloud cover map to be sure you can see the aurora

full list of features:

KP Values Galore
Get KP values and Bz values, for the hardcore Aurora observer.

Graphs for upcoming KP values are also included.

Light Pollution Map
Integrated Light Pollution Map helps you find the darkest places near you for the best viewing of the night sky.

Live Aurora Map
See where the best viewing of the Northern Lights (Aurora) currently is.

Cloud Cover Map
Before you even step outside, you will know if the Aurora will even be visible at all and not obscured by heavy cloud coverage.

Cloud coverage, temperature, precipitation, humidity, fog, and more!

Configure the app to send you alerts for when the Aurora is visible at your location, and/or when global geomagnetic activity is high!

Sun & Moon Info
Get Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset times; as well as the Moon's phase!

SOHO Sun Images
See live images of the Sun in different spectrums and wavelengths from NASA's SOHO.

In-App Help & Support
Get help, when you need it.

And a lot more!
Some features above are not available in the free version and may require an additional in-app purchase to AuroraCast Pro. AuroraCast Pro is a one time purchase and helps us to keep this great app running.

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