Mobile Apps


Fotocast is revolutionary and powerful real-time hyperlocal weather forecast app tailored for professional photographers. Fotocast has weather info like any other high-rated weather forecast app, but is custom made for photography with many additional photography weather tools you won't find in any other app.


AuroraCast is the premier Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) app available! It has more features than any other aurora app out there, with an easy to use user interface. With AuroraCast, your search for the Aurora will never go un-found.

Light Pollution Map

Light Pollution Map allows you to easily locate dark sites where the sky will not be affected by light pollution, allowing the best observance, star gazing, and photography of the night sky! But it's not just a light pollution map. There's so much more, such as Aurora (Northern Lights) live overlays and maps, meteor shower alerts, super moon alerts, lunar eclipse alerts, and a lot more! You'll soon realize Light Pollution Map is the only app you need to master the night.

Model Releaser

Model Releaser allows you to make photography model release contracts on the go. Your model can sign their name, you can attach their photo, and a model release in PDF format will be generated. Great for photographers, artists, videographers, cinematographers, etc. Anyone that needs model releases! Never again will you get caught at a photo shoot without a model release form or contract for work at hand!


SkyCandy is a revolutionary new Sunrise and Sunset forecast app that uses live weather data at your location (and other locations!) to predict the quality of your local Sunrise and Sunsets to help you find beautiful, vivid, colorful skies at that magical time. Great for photographers, or anyone at all that wants to skip boring Sunsets and see only the beautiful ones. Also included is many more powerful Sunrise and Sunset tools.

iconLighting Diagram Maker

Lighting Diagram Maker allows you to create, save and share lighting diagrams for studio photography.


Keyworder is a new app that analyzes images with a built-in neural network to find keywords. You can then share the keywords or upload them.